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Protein and Ligand
Protein name Wheat Germ Agglutinin 1
Ligand name Chitobiose Chitobiose diagram
Interaction type Biological
ITC data ITC data
Structure data Structure data
ITC Information
n 2.0 ±  
ΔG -20.5 ± kJ/mol
ΔH -112.55 ± kJ/mol
-TΔS -92.05 ± kJ/mol
KD 238.1 ± uM
Notes on error determination Ka and delta H were obtainied from a non-linear regression fit to the isotherm and the error of these values were always less than 7% (n=4) and less than 4% (n=2). Where n is the assumed number of biniding sites.
General comments
Warnings DeltaG (-20.50) != -R.T.ln(Ka) (-20.75). Tolerance range from -20.71 to -20.30
Instrument Microcal MCS Titration Calorimeter
Temp. (K) 299.15 pH 7.0
Buffer Sodium Phosphate 50.00 mM Potassium Chloride 50.00 mM
Cell content Protein
Reference Biochim Biophys Acta. [2002] 1569, 10-20