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Protein and Ligand
Protein name Erythrina Crista-Galli Lectin
Ligand name 2'-alpha-l-fucosyllactose 2'-alpha-l-fucosyllactose diagram
Interaction type Biological
ITC data ITC data
Structure data Structure data
ITC Information
n ±  
ΔG -20.0 ± 0.1 kJ/mol
ΔH -19.7 ± 1.1 kJ/mol
-TΔS 0.3 ± kJ/mol
KD 312.5 ± 5000.0 uM
Notes on error determination The uncertainties reported for Kb and Hb are the standard deviations from the average value, determined from at least two different titrations.
General comments
Instrument VP-ITC Microcalorimeter
Temp. (K) 298.15 pH 7.4
Buffer Sodium Phosphate 20.00 mM Sodium Chloride 0.15 mM
Cell content Protein
Reference J Mol Biol. [2002] 321, 69-83