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The standard error for some entries has been estimated where the values from the fitting procedure are unreasonably small. EXP_ERROR_DET_COMMENT
The uncertainties reported for Kb and Hb are the standard deviations from the average value, determined from at least two different titrations. EXP_ERROR_DET_COMMENT
Typo in figure 8: enthalpy unit corrected to cal/mol from kcal/mol. Deduced from the Ka and the ΔS. Authors contacted. CORRECTED_INCONSISTENT_DATA
Uncertainties represent standard deviation from regression analysis. EXP_ERROR_DET_COMMENT
Uncertainties represent standard errors of the mean. EXP_ERROR_DET_COMMENT
ΔG changed to -30.38 from -30.39, derived from affinity (-R.T.ln(Ka)=-30.378), the ΔH and ΔS(ΔH-TΔS=-30.38) CORRECTED_INCONSISTENT_DATA